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Gather + Nest Studio is owned by Carrie Moscho, who has been filling notebooks with lettering and cursive names since elementary school. After years of doing projects for friends and family, Carrie decided to open Gather + Nest Studio as a way to put more energy into providing thoughtfully made, hand-produced work.

Gather + Nest seeks to marry my passion for event details (gathering) and interior styling and design (nesting), and is based in Rochester, Minnesota. I collaborate with event planners and creatives to bring beautiful stationery and design to their personal or business projects, events or weddings. I work on paper products with ink or watercolor; on fabric with paint; on chalkboards with chalk or paint, and digitize lettering to design your logo or invitation elements.

When I'm not covered in ink or paint, I'm chasing and playing with my pup, Penny, or lounging with my husband, Andy.