In the Mood for Mardi Gras


So I have this cousin Jennifer. Jennifer's life is totally different and MUCH more glamorous than mine. This weekend, she is a maid for the Gulf Coast Carnival Association's Mardi Gras Ball. If this doesn't mean anything to you, you should really give yourself a little primer on all the history, traditions, and totally over-the-top nature of Mardi Gras HERE. And here is the link to Jennifer's official Mardi Gras bio and some pics (hi Jen! Don't hate me for this! :) ) Suffice it to say, this is very BIG deal to folks in New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and it is a very big deal to my cousin Jennifer. So much so that my whole family gets to head down south and enjoy all the festivities this weekend!

Jennifer was queen for a different Krewe's Mardi Gras ball a few years ago, but this weekend is supposed to be even bigger and better. For reference, the picture up there is of Jennifer and her court from that last ball. Woah. right?!

Anyway, I will obviously take tons of pictures when I'm down there, and update you on all things Mardi Gras when I get back on Tuesday. Also - stand by for pics of Andy looking bewildered in a bow tie and tux.

See y'all later!