An Experiment: Let my Boyfriend Choose my Outfits for a Week


I recently cleaned out my closet. And I mean really cleaned out my closet. Like, I brought 8 garbage bags of clothes and shoes to Goodwill and 1 to ThredUp cleaned out my closet. It was just time to purge a lot of things that didn't fit, were worn out, or I never really liked that much in the first place, and I did it. Yay, me!

The sad and pathetic thing is that even after that much purging, I still have a LOT of clothes in my closet. I was so inspired by stories of people whittling down there wardrobes until all of their fashion choices were basically made for them, and here I am an entire weekend later still looking at WAY TOO MANY choices.

I was talking to my friend Amy about this because she had just recently tackled her own closet and documented in far more entertaining detail than I ever could at Sahl and White. Somehow, we both got to joking about how even if we liked all the clothes in our closet, we were pretty sure the men in our lives would still hate most of them. Of course, we were sure men would struggle just as hard as we do if faced with the number of choices and complexities of office temperature, outdoor temperature, what other activities are going on that day, etc. etc.

Anyway, all of this gave me the idea to conduct a little experiment - I am going to let (i.e., make) Andy pick out my clothes, accessories, and shoes for an entire week.

At first, this sounded fun. I won't have to worry about fashion-related choices for the week, and I'll get to see what he actually likes! Then, I got a little scared. Andy always looks good for work, but he basically has a shirt, tie, sweater uniform and his fashion choices lean realllllly casual for anything other than work and honestly, he really doesn't think too much about this stuff. What if he makes me wear super tall heels and sequins all week? Will I even look presentable? Ground rules needed to be set.

  1. Andy will pick out all the pieces of my outfit the evening before for a week. (I have an important board meeting on Friday, so this might be for 4 days... we'll see.)
  2. I will only wear things Andy chooses. If he doesn't pick out any jewelry, I won't have any on. If he doesn't add a sweater to the ensemble, I'll freeze and like it.
  3. I won't comment on the outfits as he's putting them together or during the week, and I wont nudge him in any given direction.
  4. I will only use my veto power if I am seriously worried about my reputation being damaged or being absolutely miserable.

I'll update all of you on the outfits he chooses, and both of our thoughts on them next Monday. I hope that 2 main things come out of this little experiment. First, I hope Andy is a little more sympathetic to me when I try on 6 outfits before going somewhere, and get totally stressed out about all the choices. Second, I hope I have a better idea of what Andy would choose for me to wear and what he likes.

Do you have any pointers for Andy? Do you think I'll look like a showgirl or a Midwestern mom all week? Let me know.